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The brainchild of God, who both creates and rides upon the clouds. (Psalm 68v4)
Freesports is a powerful cultural stimulant. It works its magic on numerous levels.

  Freesports: An art form.

Freesports celebrates individual expression. A freerunner, skater, snowboarder craves beauty. A mix of originality, daring, fluidity and grace in acts of physical expression is what gives a freesport(er) his kicks. The artist’s work, often captured on film, is adored by millions.
  Freesports: A sport worth sacrificing for.

The passion stirred by freesports is very rarely matched. A wave-less sea or a snow-less mountain can reduce a man to tears! Freezing oceans, years of poorly paid hotel work, hospitalisations are all considered prices worth paying for the ride.
  Freesports: The perils of growing up.

Many people in freesports never loose their child like sense of play. Many, blissfully unaware of sometimes scornful onlookers, continue to skate or surf well into adulthood.

The adult skater or surfer etc, though derided at times, often causes their peers to wonder if they make enough time within their busy schedules for “playing”.
  Freesports: Non-competitive.

Those in freesports are not interested in beating “an opponent”. They are passionate about progression, but the markers are self determined goals and not other people. Contests do exist, but an atmosphere of mutual encouragement and inspiration is usually far more common than competitiveness.
This spirit gives birth to communities.
  Freesports: In awe of nature.

The canvas for freesports is often untamed nature. Surfers, Big Mountain Skiers and Snowboarders are most spiritually awakened when enveloped by the beauty and might of the earth and sea.
  Freesports: A lifestyle

The above mentioned factors, when combined, help to define a freesport(er). Those whose sense of self is closely allied to their freesport, naturally seek labels to identify themselves with the sport. One’s choice of clothes, music, hang outs, etc, will often intentionally say to the world “I am a skater” or “I am a surfer” etc.
  Freesports: Life and Death.

Freesports like all cultural shapers can lead to life or death. Artists can become self absorbed. Adventure seekers can become clowns, risking death to find love. A longing to play can be a mask for fear of responsibility and a stunted life driven by an unhealthy nostalgia for one’s childhood.

A declared lack of competitiveness can disguise mediocrity. Awe of nature, without a revelation of the creator can end up as lifeless nature worship. And many hide their true selves by identifying themselves with a tribe.